These days, providing warranties to second hand auto parts to Sydney motorists is a crucial part of doing business for used car parts dealers. It makes perfect business sense, and Brookvale Spares knows it too well.

Offering warranties not only differentiate them from other used car parts dealers; it’s also helped them increase sales, as it’s one of the things that many customers are looking for. Warranties help customers make a more informed decision to purchase and they provide peace of mind to customers, giving them a kind of assurance that the part they are purchasing is of high quality and reliable.

However, as with most used auto parts dealers, Brookvale Spares of Sydney don’t cover everything. Engines could be covered by a warranty, but damages as a result of negligence are voided of warranty.

Brookvale Spares outlined the types of claims that they cover. Such claims are:

  • Incorrect or insufficient fluids or oils

  • Overheating or heat tab removed

  • Improper installation or application

  • Accident damage, overloading or misuse

  • Unauthorised repairs or failing to properly maintain

And under the company’s warranty conditions, other claims that could be voided of warranty are claims for parts that have been dismantled or tampered with.

Brookvale Spares offers a three-month unilimited kilometre parts warranty on all used mechanical parts. They also offer discounted and extended warranties which can be negotiated at point of sale.

By offering warranties on all parts, Brookvale Spares is providing a win-win solution. It assures motorists that what they are getting are genuine parts that have been remanufactured to ensure quality is up to the original manufacturer’s standards and that the parts are in excellent and reliable working condition.

Also, by providing warranties, customers are assured that when something goes wrong with the merchandise, they will have someone to immediately take care of either replacing or fixing the faulty product.

For more information on second hand auto parts warranty conditions from Brookvale Spares, contact the company today.

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